Llanforda Sporting Agency

Privacy & Data Protection Policy

Llanforda Sporting Agency is the trading name for the part of our organisation which provides country sports and leisure activities. Llanforda Sporting Agency is a trading name of Yareal UK Limited and its two subsidiaries Yareal Llanforda Limited and Yareal Humby Limited (together “the Group”) and the Agency applies to all of these companies collectively.

We have created this policy in order to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of our customers.

When you request information relating to a product or service, the Llanforda Sporting Agency collects some of your personal information to make sure you have everything you need to make the most of our services. We use this information for the administration of your contract and to support the delivery of the services or products you have asked for. This information can consist of:

  • Name

  • Postal address

  • Email

  • Telephone numbers

  • Past history of enquiries and purchases.

We will retain this personal information for as long as you are a customer of our country sports and leisure activities and then until we are advised that you wish it to be removed.

This information may be shared within the Llanforda Sporting Agency and the Group (defined above) but is not passed on, for payment or otherwise, to any external person or organisation, with the exception of any sub-contractor used by us to provide or market the services of the Agency.

We will keep all your information secure and only available to the specific people in our organisation who need to use it for the stated purpose.

If at any time you wish to ask us about the personal information that we hold, be deleted from our records and/or not be contacted on an unsolicited basis, you may do so by emailing: sporting@llanforda.co.uk.

(Updated: September 2018)