Responsible Shooting

The Hirer will be responsible for ensuring that the Team:-

  • conduct themselves generally in accordance with proper and traditional sporting standards;
  • do not shoot low birds, ground game or foxes unless otherwise expressly instructed to do so;
  • use only non-toxic shot when shooting species against which lead shot is prohibited; and
  • comply with the requirements set out in the pre-shoot safety briefing.

The Shoot Host will accompany the Team throughout each day.  The direction, conduct and organisation of the day and the number and order of the drives shall remain entirely at the absolute discretion of the Shoot Host.

The Shoot Host shall have absolute discretion to stop the shooting or ask any person or persons to leave the shooting field immediately in the event of inappropriate behaviour with no reimbursement of fees.

The Hirer is strongly advised to take out his own insurance policy to cover cancellation. Read more here.

Guns are not allowed to shoot until instructed to do so.  Cartridges should only be put into the shotgun on the shooting stand.  Shotguns to be kept either open or in a slip at all times when not shooting.  Shotguns are the responsibility of the Guns at all times and when left in vehicles the vehicles must be locked.  Use of automatic reloading or pump action shotguns is not permitted.

All Guns should hold a current shotgun certificate unless attended by a professional instructor.  An experienced Gun is to be appointed to supervise novice Guns (e.g. Father & Son Days).  A minimum of 28 days’ notice is required if loaders are to be provided by the Shoot Owner.  It is not the Shoot Owner’s responsibility to decide whether Guns or their firearms are fit to shoot; the Hirer must ensure that this is the case.

Guns should comply with the requirements set out in our pre-shoot safety briefing. The risk assessment for the shoot is also available on the day.

Key Information