The Price shall be paid as follows:-

(a)     Payment of 50% of the Price by way of deposit is payable upon the signing of the shoot agreement; and

(b)     The balance of the Price being 50% of the Price is payable in full on or before 14 days prior to Shoot Day

Payments should be made to Yareal Llanforda Limited.  No sporting let can take place until the full payment has been received in cleared funds.

The price includes the provision of all shoot staff including keepers, beaters and pickers up necessary for shooting but not loaders.  The price does not include the provision of guns or cartridges or gratuities.

The Bag (subject to reasonably favourable weather conditions and reasonable standard of shooting) is expected to be the number of birds sold for the day (e.g. 100 or 150), but no warranty or representation is given in this respect.  A 10% tolerance will be applied however and, should the Team exceed 110% on the day, an agreement can be made with the Head of Country Sports in relation to payment for birds shot in excess of the Bag.  This surcharge shall be payable at the end of the shooting day.

Each member of the Team will receive free of charge “Willo Game” prepared game meat.

Although discretionary, tips have become customary.  Our keepers will do their best to ensure you have an enjoyable day and, if you would like to provide them with a tip, this will be shared amongst the keepers by the Head of Country Sports.

Key Information