The Shoot Owner or his representative reserves the right to cancel the shoot in the event of there being insufficient birds to produce the Bag in which case all money paid by the Hirer to the Shoot Owner shall be refunded.

The Shoot Owner or his representative reserves the right to cancel the shoot:-

a) before shooting begins, in the event of adverse weather conditions, storm damage, flood or heavy snowfall or, if for any other reason including but not limited to the activities of demonstrators or saboteurs he considers it is unsafe or impractical to commence or continue shooting; or

b) if, on or before the date of the shoot, any government agency shall have banned shooting or the shooting of species which normally comprise the majority of the Bag.

In such events the Shoot Owner, at his absolute discretion, may make an appropriate deduction from the Price, or offer an alternative day’s shooting, but the Shoot Owner does not accept any legal responsibility to reimburse the Hirer in the event of cancellation under this clause. The Hirer is strongly advised to take out his own insurance policy to cover cancellation.

If the Shoot is disrupted due to a demonstration, shotguns should be unloaded immediately and returned to their slips.  Guns are advised not to confront saboteurs but to return to their vehicles until the situation is resolved.

In the event of the balance of the Price not being received by the Shoot Owner by the due date, or in the event of cancellation by the Hirer, then the Shoot Owner may use his or her reasonable endeavours to re-let the day but without having to incur expense in relation hereto. The Hirer may introduce an alternative hirer (provided he/she is acceptable to the Shoot Owner in his sole discretion) but failing re-letting, the Hirer shall remain liable for the full Price, or any shortfall between the Price and the sum at which the shooting may be re-let and the Shoot Owner shall in any event retain the deposit paid.

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